Our Experience

AOST was set up in February 1990, as an oilfield and maritime services company - then it was predominantly a training provider and recruiter for the oil industry in Libya and Tunisia. By 1995 it had established itself in marine anti-pollution services and marketing various equipment mainly for ships and other marine applications.  The Company has continued to expand its maritime and oil industry related services which remain its core activities.

AOST has been involved in several large projects. Amongst these, one may mention that in the early 90s AOST trained most oilfield personnel for Schlumberger and ADWOC in Libya; and then during the period 1997 to 2000, it was involved in international trading involving the procurement of hi-tech scientific instruments related to remote sensing.  It also acted as the regional (Mediterranean) office providing regional logistic, operational and administrative support to various projects and foreign consultants visiting or working in Malta.  In 2003 to 2005 it successfully negotiated and supported on behalf of a British company the largest logistics contract that was ever conducted from Malta (supporting the development of Greestream/Bahr Essalam). It also collaborated with leaders Pipeshield to produce in Malta the concrete mattresses that were used in the Bouri field.

Since 2006 the AOST Group has concentrated on environmental protection projects, and has based its corporate office in the United Kingdom.  It now holds equity in various overseas companies which provide oil spill response and other marine services.  In 2012, the Group was instrumental in the setting up of OSRA INTERNATIONAL, which is the largest oil spill response organization, operating with offices and bases in seven countries across the Mediterranean and since conducted numerous containment and clean-up operations in Malta, Greece and Tunisia.

Key Project Exerience Summary:

  • Project management for sourcing and procurement of machinery and instrumentation for international projects.
  • Logistical support involving the project-office setup, crew changes, customs procedures, storage, import/export and movements of oil and gas equipment (e.g. 140,000 MT of pipes destined for Bahr Essalam).
  • Construction and engineering, including collaboration with leaders Pipeshield to produce in Malta the concrete mattresses that were used in the Bouri field.
  • Sourcing Experts such as in HSE, non-destructive testing and equipment inspection, maintenance and certification
  • Sourcing skilled personnel such as divers, engineers, electricians, mechanics, painters, security, technicians, foremen, etc…
  • Non-destructive testing of pipelines
  • Emergency response operations including oil spill containment and clean-ups in the coastal waters, marinas, ports, beaches and offshore Malta, Tunisia and Greece. View list of projects.
  • Support to the Civil Protection Department through the warehousing and maintenance of oil and HNS spill response equipment, personnel training, provision of 24x7 oil and HNS spill response readiness.
  • Projects involving the supply of Tier 1 and Tier 2 oil spill response capability (rental and 247 stand-by) to drilling projects in Tunisia; and to other maritime operators in Malta and Greece
  • Co-authoring Malta’s National Oil Spill Contingency Plan, commissioning of Transport Malta’s (the national maritime authority) oil spill response stockpile and training of personnel.
  • Training in various Maritime and HSE Subjects (training centres in Valletta Malta, Sfax Tunisia and Piraeus Greece, as well as experience with client-site training). Courses in oil spill response, fire awareness, nautical license, radio communications, commercial vessel courses, health & safety, fork-lift operator courses etc. More information here.
  • Tank cleaning in rigs and ships, tank farms and oil terminals, industrial waste cisterns, and contaminated rain-water reservoirs.
  • Sourcing supply boats and tug boats for rig support in the Mediterranean, salvage and recovery, and offshore towage.
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AOST is a group of Companies engaged in services to the energy and shipping industries.