Door-to-Door Deliveries


AOST owns the boutique Door-to-Door Logistics company PONY EXPRESS. Operating from Malta, we offer demanding customers a personalised service which the big global companies do not afford. Going by the name of the world’s first express courier company, Pony Express shares the sender's and recipient's expectations for secure and timely delivery.

Worldwide Express Courier

Pony Express offers express international delivery of documents and non-documents (goods) worldwide at competitive rates.  Pony Express (Malta) also offers an express import service from selected countries. This service enables the client to request a pick-up from overseas, and its final delivery to Malta on a door to door basis. The client therefore has total control of the delivery from the very moment that the goods leave the supplier’s gate. Payments for this service are effected in Malta on arrival and delivery of shipment.  Our express service (import and export) is offered not only as a standard service similar to what our competitors offer, but we offer a Special Delivery Service (SDS) ranging from Timed Deliveries to On Board Courier (OBC) dedicated deliveries.

Domestic Delivery Services

Pony Express offers a domestic delivery service picking up documents and non-documents (goods), and delivering these to any address in Malta or Gozo. We offer a three tier level of service: Same Day (deliveries within two hours), Next Day (deliveries by 17.00 the next day) and Two-Day (deliveries by 17.00 the third day). It is suitable for deliveries of both urgent documents as well as on contract for delivery of goods by wholesalers, who decide to operate in line with their counterparts in Europe through outsourcing delivery operations to a specialist third party company who will relieve them of all the problems associated with logistics at a cost which in many instances is found to be lower than using one’s own in house services.

Contract Warehousing and Short Term Storage

Apart from the traditional short term storage services offered by its competitors, Pony Express offers long term contract warehousing. Storage of both bulk packs as well as loose shelved items is accepted. All goods in storage are insured by Pony Express. This is a service product which may be combined with our Delivery Service providing a Comprehensive Storage and Distribution Service to the Client.


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