Towage and Salvage

AOST holds co-operation agreements with leading towage and salvage companies. We understand the growing needs for deep-water development and support to offshore petroleum exploration. We are also tune in to the need for higher quality at the right price to reflect the economic realities of our age. Through our 25+ years in the industry, and the strategic partnerships we have struck with other highly experienced businesses in the Mediterranean, we are able to provide total logistics solutions throughout the supply-chain.

We are able to arrange for services including:

  • Offshore Support
  • Ocean Towage
  • Salvage Operations
  • Wreck removal

The 10 vessels we have pre-arrangements for with our partners, range fromm 1000 to 7000 BHP. They are highly maintained and fully equipped with all towing and emergency equipment in accordance with the international standards and requirements of recognised marine survey organisations, classification societies and marine insurers.

The personnel also have the appropriate experience for successful anchor handling and offshore support services to the oil industry.

Over the last years, these tugs have safely and successfully carried out ocean towages of jack up barges, pipe and cable laying barges, transport barges, dipper dredgers, floating docks, VLCC's, damaged vessels, military vessels, concrete caissons etc. AOST's sister-company OSRA, has also provided environmental response services during several salvage operations in the Mediterranean and tugs themselves have been involved in refloating operations, fires, open sea rescue towages and emergency assistance/salvage operations in port. Wreck removal is operationally similar to salvage but the casualty usually has little or no value and the need for such operations mainly arise out of environmental concerns.

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AOST is a group of Companies engaged in services to the energy and shipping industries.