Non Destructive Testing

The AOST Group has teamed up with the authorised representatives of FLIR to provide complete solutions in the field of infrared thermography and VOC optical gas imaging. Galea Curmi Engineering Services was established in 1996 and the relationship between AOST and the company dates to when they bought their first camera from AOST. In the 10 years since then the company has been offering infra-red thermographic surveying services to leading industrial firms in various countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, using state of the art equipment and backed by qualified and experienced engineers in the field of infra-red thermography and, more recently optical gas imaging.

The agreement between our companies covers Tunisia, Libya and Greece where AOST is already active offering services to the maritime and oil & gas industries and provides for an exclusive representation of Galea Curmi Engineering's services. In Malta, AOST also works directly with Galea Curmi Engineering.

We have an extensive range of equipment suitable to meet the requirements of any infrared thermography application, including the most advanced optical gas imaging (OGI) technology available on the market. This, together with our engineers’ experience, enables us to provide complete solutions in the field of infrared thermography and gas leak detection. Galea Curmi Engineering Services is the FLIR Systems Authorised representative for the region and is capable of providing a full range of services including:

  • Camera sales and servicing
  • Camera rentals
  • Thermographic surveying and image analysis using state of the art equipment and software
  • Certified training courses on camera operation, image analysis and interpretation, infrared thermography to ITC (Infrared Training Centre) Level 1.


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AOST is a group of Companies engaged in services to the energy and shipping industries.