Oil Spill Combat Systems

DESMI has developed a large range of equipment to recover oil from the sea, rivers and lakes. DESMI equipment has been used in most major oil spill response operations around the world.

The extensive range includes:

  • skimmers including disc, mop, weir, belt, brush, drum and vacuum systems. Each of these skimmer types is available in a range of sizes. This enables us to provide the ideal skimmer for any application.
  • boom (including also the boom previoulsy marketed by RO-CLEAN)
  • advanced sweep installations on ships
  • and other supporting equipment such as pumps, power-packs, temporary storage systems, vacuum systems etc...

AOST markets DESMI oil spill response equipment as part of its environmental response activities of its associated company OSRA - the Oil Spill Response Alliance. The combined experience of OSRA and its subsidiaries, along with DESMI's top quality manufacturing facilities guarnatee we can provide some of the most well-known and proven oil spill control devices in the world today!

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